Jeremiah Fleming

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I work quite often as a co-trainer; going into a room alone with participants and doing exercises or thinking up good role plays to help them practise the skill set that they want to improve. I also do regie theatre for VDS; many times for a training academy of young associates (ING for example) in which a performance is given to a large group in a big hall, and then the scene is replayed with corrections from the audience the second time around. I am also sent into trainings where I work together with the trainer from the company (ABN AMRO for example) and devise appropriate role play situations to facilitate the learning curve they want to improve.

Jeremiah Fleming

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Jeremiah fleming

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Leadership trainings, Regie theater/performance theater to help train skill sets, Theater sports/improv workshops (in het kader van team building), Working alone as a co-trainer with a group on a specific set of communication skills or techniques that they are learning


‘’Never confuse movement with action’’ - Ernest Hemingway

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