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Leadership Expectations are changing & Leadership development isn’t keeping up with the business demands. We have a gap in the ability to attract, inspire and retain talent in this competitive market. A gap in the ability to collaborate in new types of teams and structures. A gap in managing the new demographics – millennials have sharpened our focus on this new expectations of leaders, but lets be honest, no one wants to be managed by being told what to do. And a gap in getting on top of the pace of innovation and change.

In our session at the ATD we’re trying to close this gap a little bit by bringing bitesize, impactfull insights about accidental behavior, the impact on others and practical tools to cope with this. Always a step ahead of your people to inspire them… And unintentional slowing them down? Having great ideas for scrum and agile teamwork, and maybe for all kinds of challenges in your team… And unintentional bringing their creative spirit to a freezing point? Join us!

We are honored to have been invited to share at the ATD about Multipliers. On our website, we will keep you up-to-date on all developments relating to our participation in ATD 2016.