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About us and our partners

Accessing the potential in people – that is what drives us. When people work to their strengths, they feel happier and perform better. When people learn to apply their unused potential for organizations, they become more successful. Organizations made up of happy people are organizations that grow and help make the world a better place.

We are convinced that growth always starts with the individual. That is why we help people to become more aware of their inner drives and talents This increased awareness creates opportunities for people to change and improve their own behavior. Partly as a result of that, people learn to take responsibility for themselves and demonstrate entrepreneurship and personal leadership. This enables them to become the best possible version of themselves, leading to better results for them, for the organization and for the world around them.

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We help organizations and people to develop and change successfully. That is what fascinates and drives us. The central focus is on interventions that make a concrete and measurable contribution to achieving the strategic organizational objectives.

We enhance the performance of human capital by bringing together knowledge, learning and performance. Through measurement, we believe that we can place the focus on achievement. We take baseline and retrospective measurements in order to demonstrate performance development. Gooiconsult’s bespoke programs are always developed and carried out in collaboration with our clients, which means we always maintain very close contact with them.


Biz-group brings the latest in globally sourced, corporate training and teambuilding solutions and technologies to the Middle East. We have been preparing leaders and teams to overcome their organization’s toughest business challenges since 1993.


The Wiseman Group is a leadership and research development center which focuses on preparing leaders to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges. The Wiseman Group does this with a unique approach to learning that reverses the traditional leadership development process and teaches leaders new skills while they work on their most complex issues.


ROI Institute is expert at performance measurement and analysis, developing capabilities in organizations and people. Our team of experts is available to consult with you on your project. They travel the world hosting ROI Certification programs and performing evaluation studies as well as speaking at workshops, conferences, and industry events.