Rick de Rijk

ATD Multipliers keynote speaker
Rick de Rijk

Rick de Rijk has worked on leadership and performance issues for several AEX companies (ABN AMRO, Shell, and ING) at all levels since the late 1990s. His leadership concept was formulated by Jan Amos Comenius, a 16th-century Moravian theologian and educational reformer. One of the main challenges in the leadership industry is proving the value of learning and development. In his book The Value of Learning (with Jack and Patti Phillips, 2012) he integrated talent development and performance improvement. After an introduction to the Multipliers concept at ASTD 2013, he realized that the world of performance and leadership had come together in this concept: Multiplying your leadership qualities to improve business impact! He is the author of 25 (international) articles about leadership, learning and development, talent development and performance, chairman of the Dutch Society for Learning and Development, and a trusted advisor of AEX companies.

My mission: connecting learning & performance.

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